The Imp and I went to Sweden at the start of November and stayed until December 1st, so we’re only just back in the UK, really. While in Sweden I attended my grandma’s funeral, which was incredibly sad, yet a beautiful service. I’m glad that I could get there and pay my respects, even when living in another country. There’s always a fear of missing out on important events when living far away.

During the rest of the visit, we saw family, visiting my dad for a weekend and one of my sisters for another weekend. There was snow for a few days, but a good couple of weeks were just gray and dreary with rain every day. Those days were absolutely miserable.

I’m frustrated by myself and my lack of writing – both on the blog and otherwise. I was never a very prolific blogger, but since the Imp it’s been pretty dismal. In my last post I mentioned having written a chapter for a novella, that’s about as far as I got since after that the Imp decided that sleep was not something that she needed. Suddenly her already rubbish evenings turned into a flurry of “no I will not sleep until 11 pm at the earliest”, and I would most commonly fall asleep with her or shortly after. Even the odd evening when she did fall asleep I got nothing done because I was either exhausted or expecting her to wake up any moment (which she often did).

Four (and two more nearly through) teeth later, and it looks like there might finally be some light at the end of the tunnel. She’s actually been asleep by 9 pm a couple of evenings now. I won’t hold my breath, but if I can at least get a couple of hours to myself in the evenings again, maybe I can get some writing in. Wish me luck!

The Imp enjoying a snowy day.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. It must be especially hard when you’re far away and can’t easily be there for emergency and to support and be supported.

    Hope your little one gets some rest soon. Teething is nasty! It’s heartbreaking to see our little ones in too much pain to sleep and not able to understand why. And by the time they’re finished cutting all their baby teeth, it’s time for adult teeth to come in!

    We’ve had success with round the clock Tylenol so far (it helps that our little man LOVES his Tylenol and thinks it’s dessert), but we haven’t had to deal with molars yet (I’m told that’s when the real deal starts?) so we’ll see!

    • For us teething wasn’t too horrible until these molars. Her sleep was a bit worse, but as it’s pretty rubbish to begin with the difference wasn’t as huge as one might think haha. No luck here with Calpol (UK version of Tylenol?), the Imp hates everything, despite strawberry flavour or whatever I could find. It’s been a battle every time I’ve had to give her some. She’s the same with her vitamins… “Orange flavour no child will refuse” the bottle says… They’ve obviously never met the Imp…

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