The boyfriend and I made an agreement years ago that we would spend every other Christmas and New Year’s with my family in Sweden, since it’s only fair.

2018 was the Imp’s first Christmas, and a Sweden year, so on 21 December we dragged our asses to the airport and flew to Sweden. The Imp handled the flight brilliantly, much better than during the summer! She only complained a bit when her ears were undoubtedly hurting during the descent.

We’ve been staying with my brother in his house, but celebrated Christmas at my mom’s flat with a mountain of gifts, great food and company.

A few days later we traveled the three hours to my dad’s where we celebrated New Year’s. We had a great time!

We’re now back at my brother’s until we go back to England on the 21st. On Thursday the Imp’s grandma will arrive from the UK and spend a few days before travelling back with us.

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