The other day I was trying to explain my family constellation to someone, and failed miserably. It’s difficult to explain how I have seven brothers and sisters, with several parent combinations. So I tried to put it down on paper, to make it more clear… And as I’m looking at my “family tree”, I’m not sure if I made it better or worse!

My Family
My Family

I have four brothers and three sisters, and I’m the oldest out of everyone. The youngest is my littlest brother, F, who’s only just turned 4 a month ago. And as you can see, the family is expecting some new blood next year, when both my brother J and my sister R are having babies.

These days, to be fair, I think odd family constellations are much more common than they were, say 50 years ago. It’s interesting in a way to see how things work in different families. I’ve met people who have similar constellations, but there’s also the few people whose parents are still together. Sadly, that’s more rare than the other way around, I think.

What’s your family constellation like?

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  1. The older three in my family (my older brother, me, my younger sister) have one dad, and my younger brother and sister have a different dad. Same mom. I think ours is slightly less complicated than yours though!

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