Suddenly even more time has passed. I swear I want to get back to blogging (and writing), but at the moment my time is severely limited. Not only have I been blessed with a baby that doesn’t particularly enjoy playing by herself (at all), she also doesn’t seem to think that sleep is anything she needs to be bothered with.

Now, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here. I love my girl to bits. But I do miss having some time to myself. Any time to myself. Right now having a shower is a luxury.

For a few weeks it was amazing. She went to bed at a reasonable time, and although she may wake up a handful of times throughout the evening, most nights she’d settle back down if I went in to her for a few minutes. Not so for the last month and a bit…

The current trend is that she will go to sleep as usual around 7-8 pm, but then she will only sleep for maybe half an hour before waking back up, and refusing to settle back down. For hours. She will most commonly fall asleep for the night between 10 and midnight. Leaving little to no time for me to do anything for myself. Being an introvert, this is rough.

My sleep-refusing monster.

She also used to sleep through from around midnight to 6, which was lovely. Now she’s quite unsettled and will sort of half-wake and cry several times every night. Fortunately those night time moments she’s usually quite easily settled, but it does leave my sleep quite interrupted.

You might think that I should take the opportunity during the days to sleep when she has a nap. And I’d agree with you. Except nap time is another one of those things that apparently she doesn’t feel that she needs. She will usually have a couple of naps every day. If I’m lucky one of them will last an hour. There’s only a tiny bit of jealousy and bitterness when people in my mummy-group talk about their babies napping for 2-3 hours during the day.

For example; today my daughter had three naps. They were 30 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes.

She’s teething, so I’m hoping that’s part of the reason it’s been so rough lately (though over a month now?), and that hopefully it will turn around soon. My hope is that I can get my evenings back again so that I can start blogging a bit more regularly. You may have to put up with me whining writing about mum-life though. Sorry!

Who wouldn’t forgive this face though? <3

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  1. Hey this is Vidyala (from Warcraft et al) but my name is Stacey. 🙂 Congratulations on your baby! She’s lovely. Now for nitty gritty, I’m sorry the sleep has been so awful. My son (now 18 months) was a terrible sleeper. When other moms would talk about their babies sleeping so much I’d feel irate. He wouldn’t nap unless held, etc. We ended up hiring a sleep consultant. We were so desperate. She taught us SO much about infant and newborn sleep.

    The tl;dr version is that we weren’t watching for his early sleep signs (dead stare, red eyebrows) and only seeing the late sleep signs (eye rubbing, yawns). But there’s a 10-15 minute window from the first sleep signs, and if they’re still awake, they get the dreaded cortisol rush. You know when you’re exhausted and you get a second wind? That’s the cortisol rush for adults. For babies… it makes it hard for them to go to sleep, and it stays in their system for 24 hours! So bad naps leads to bad/restless nights. At that age they need 12-14 hours of sleep in a day/night combined. For our son this meant he was exhausted but just couldn’t sleep. Once we started putting him down in time, his naps got better and better. He started sleeping for longer stretches at night (we’d still give him a feed once at night when he was still young enough to need it).

    Anyway, I’m sorry to bombard you with unsolicited info, you can mentally tell me to eff off and I’ll understand, haha. I just recognized that same exhausted desperation I’ve felt. They’re so adorable but so taxing! Hang in there because it WILL get better and you’ll get some you time back.

    • Thank you for the tips, I really appreciate it. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it seems it might finally have turned. Her two bottom teeth came through the other day, and since then her sleep has improved. I now get a few hours in the evenings (even if she will wake up a few times, she can now be settled again, rather than staying awake for hours). Still not really into daytime naps, but as long as I get a few hours in the evenings I’m managing to stay sane haha

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