Where does the time go? Suddenly it’s 2019, wasn’t it January 2018 just a couple of months ago?

2018 was the year I became a mom, and very little blogging was done. I’m hoping that I will do a bit better this year, but then I think I say that every year, so we’ll see.

I think one of my problems with the blog is how much (or little) I want to share about the Imp. It’s a difficult one for me. Also life in general, it’s probably boring for everyone else, but nice for me to be able to go back and see what I’ve been doing.

Will have to think on this and make a decision.

So, 2018… I had more visits from family than any other year. I suspect due to a certain little imp being born.

I connected with a couple of friends who already had young children on a new level, and we now get together with the little ones nearly every week, which is lovely.

In the summer, the Imp and I spent 4 weeks in Sweden with my family, which was great.

Christmas and New Years was also spent in Sweden, and we’re currently here until 21 January.

Here’s to hoping for a brilliant 2019!

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