Last year I read a fair amount of holiday books around this time of year, but with the Imp around reading is not really something I’m capable of at the moment. So what I’m doing this year is watching a bunch of holiday movies – with more or less attention actually paid. Admittedly, a lot of times they’re just kind of on in the background as the Imp and I get on with our daily life, but still – it’s holiday movies!

So, what have I seen so far, and what did I think? Some of these may contain spoilers, do be warned!

Four Christmases

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn star in this movie as a couple who have no interest in getting married or having children, mainly (apparently) because they both come from broken homes and their families are kind of messed up. A part of me kind of wanted the no marriage/no children thing to be a valid choice, but this is a typical movie where naturally – everyone has to eventually want to be married and make babies. 

The story itself is that their usual holiday getaway (that they lie to their family about, usually saying they’re off on some charity thing etc.) is canceled and their families see them in TV as a reporter interviews them about the flights all being grounded. Now they’re suddenly having to visit all of their parents, who are divorced, in one day – hence four Christmases.

Admittedly I missed a lot of this movie. I caught the start and the very last bit, so I didn’t necessarily get to see how they went from “no children”, to suddenly having a baby. The first family they visited was Vince Vaughn’s dad and brothers, and it wasn’t something I enjoyed. So that’s possibly why I missed a lot (a really good movie I’d pause when leaving the room). Personally, for me, this holiday movie can be a miss.

This accurately describes my feelings about the movie.


I can’t help it. Even after all these years, I still love the movie Elf with Will Ferrell. It’s one of my holiday favourites and I probably watch it ever year. It’s silly, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and if you can suspend belief and just have fun – Elf will deliver just that.

Buddy is a human who accidentally ended up in the North Pole as a baby, and as such was raised by Santa’s elves. He finds out that his real, human father lives in New York, and sets off to find him. However, since he’s lived in the North Pole his entire life, and spent most of it as an elf – he’s not entirely prepared for the human world.

Just watch it. That’s my score.

Buddy’s completely normal reaction to hearing Santa’s coming.

The Holiday

I’ve seen this one before, but it was quite some time ago. It’s a bit of a feel-good movie with what I like to call 1,5 romances. Maybe it’s meant to be two, but the second one unfolds so slowly, and is much more focused on the relationship between Kate Winslet and the old gentleman friend, rather than her romantic second lead. The first romance is much more of a proper romance.

The setting of the movie for those who have lived under a rock and never seen/heard of it, is that Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz have both just had their hearts broken and need a break. They end up on a website for home trading, and they switch homes for two weeks. Winslet going to live in Diaz’s massive house in L.A., and Diaz in Winslet’s little English cottage. Meet-cute when Winslet’s brother Jude Law comes knocking one evening while drunk, apparently not realising that his sister has gone. (And sorry, I can’t remember any character names.)

It’s a sweet movie, and fairly decent as far as holiday movies go, and even okay for a romance. A couple of things bothered me, but nothing overly major. Oh, one thing about the ending… spoiler alert!

Diaz and Law want to be together, but the major thing is that she lives and works in L.A. and he is UK bound. She eventually decides to stay a bit longer in the UK to celebrate New Year’s with his family – but that doesn’t actually solve the issue in any way. So it’s not the happily ever after one may have hoped for.

I’d probably invite a drunk Jude Law too.

That’ll have to do for now, since my writing time is limited. I will write about some other movies I’ve seen another day (like the Netflix specials!), as I’m sure everyone is dying to know….

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