This is pretty much a photo spam post since I’m catching up on all the Instagram photos that I haven’t had a roundup for in ages. Fortunately for all of us, I don’t post a huge amount to Instagram.

I went out for afternoon tea. Always yummy!
Mac enjoys the maternity pillow as much as I do (it’s under the covers).
Mac surveys his kingdom.
Our announcement photo.
Mac wants to be a hairdresser. I’m not quite as keen.
We went to dinner at our favourite restaurant.
Bailey had a hair cut.
One of the out take photos for our announcement. Notice the cat photo bombing?
In November/early December I went home to Sweden and was treated to a mini version of Swedish Christmas dinner.
Tried to make the living room look like it was Christmas ready.
I got all dressed up for the work Christmas do.
Bailey was showing off his new jumper for Christmas.
I dressed up as a Christmas pudding for Christmas. Because, well I kind of look like one right now.

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