While having nothing else to do this weekend I was browsing YouTube and found some really good WoW videos. One of my favourites was this one by Cranius and Legs. I’ve seen Cranius before – he’s also the man who brought us the awesome Big Blue Dress song and video. It made me want to roll a mage back in the day!

This one is called Wrought, and even if you don’t enjoy the song itself – you should watch the movie because the story is really good.

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  1. @Disciplinary Action – That’s a great one! I wish I could find music without people singing, cause I’d love to make my own wow song. But all I can find is karaoke versions and often the original is still there in the chorus.

    Hmm there was another issue with making my own songs too. Oh right, I can’t sing! 😛

  2. the song + story really touching me when i watched it couple years ago, and made me started to listen 3Doors Down’s music, your video remind me of this, so i think you should chck it out

    • I will check it out once I’m back home from work 🙂 Don’t think they’d like me watching a YouTube video here hehe

      *edit* I saw this before too, it is very nice 🙂

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