And suddenly it’s March… Honestly, time does go much too fast at times. So, what have I been up to in February? Really, I’m asking, because I honestly can’t remember right now. I think I will have to look at my phone to figure it out…


I’ve managed to keep up my schedule on Wattpad of publishing one new chapter every week of Bowstrings & Velvet. I’ve also entered a little writing contest (Open Novella Contest), and I’m slowly slogging through my entry for that (not as quickly as I would have liked). Last week I also ended up publishing the first chapter of my historical romance (regency). I figured that if I can get any feedback there for now, it can help me with the revisions before releasing it on Kindle fully edited (and by then probably removing it from WP). But I’ll see, I haven’t decided on that one.

Total work/words for February:
Bowstrings & Velvet: Chapters 4-8 (7389 words) ongoing
Shadows & Lace: Chapters 1-4 (5128 words) ongoing
A Midsummer Night’s Kiss: Revised and published chapter 1 (3158 words) ongoing

General/The Imp

Another month of rubbish weather. I swear we had a storm here every single weekend. So a lot of indoor time again. Even at the farm we go to we ended up mainly indoors. Valentine’s happened. We didn’t do much, to be honest. I cooked a nice dinner and the Boyfriend brought home flowers and chocolate. With a toddler there’s not much romance, I’ll be honest.

Right now, I just feel like I’m waiting for the weather to turn so we can go outside and enjoy this beautiful part of the country where we live. I’d like to go to the seaside with the Imp and the dog. I’d like to visit a playground without having to bundle us up in ridiculous amounts of layers.

A rare day with relatively decent weather. We brought regular Ted to the playground.

I haven’t even been watching much Netflix, there’s just no time. The boyfriend and I are re-watching Friends while eating dinner, and other than that all I’m watching is Picard (on Prime).

What’s everyone else been up to in February?

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