So, the world sort of stopped for all of us, and now it’s suddenly June. I completely lost the plot there for a while, and to be honest with you I’m still kind of floundering. Motivation to do anything is low, and I’m feeling pretty down.


About a week or two after my last post the UK went into full lockdown. We were only allowed outside once a day for exercise (1-hour max), and for essential food and medication shopping. That was pretty much it. No seeing other family members not in your household. Everything was shut other than grocery stores pretty much.

As I’m writing this, we’re just starting to ease lockdown, but it’s still fairly strict. As of today (1 June) some children – not all – are going back to school. We’re allowed to visit the beach or park (no playgrounds) or see family (max 6 people total) outside in a park or garden – but only if we keep 2 metres apart. I personally can’t wait until we’re allowed to leave the Imp with her grandparents for an afternoon.

Entertaining a toddler at home is not easy. I don’t envy people with multiple children, I’ve struggled with just the one!

I worry about what the future holds, but I’m hoping things will improve. I just hope there’s not a second spike after lockdown starts easing (feels like it will be difficult to avoid though). My trip to visit family in Sweden is postponed indefinitely for now until it feels safe to travel, which makes me sad.

I’ve resorted to buying things to entertain the Imp at home.


My writing has been up and down during the last three months, partly because of my mood in lockdown, partly because the Imp’s sleep varies greatly, and partly because I’m honestly just lazy and want to watch Netflix some evenings.

I finished my novella for the ONC, and made it through three rounds and onto the Longlist – but didn’t then make it onto the Shortlist. However, I’m quite pleased having made it that far as I never thought I’d make it to the Longlist even.

In actual words written, this will now be for the last three months. Let’s have a look!

Total work/words for March-April-May
Bowstrings & Velvet: Chapters 9-17 (16 697 words) ongoing
Shadows & Lace: Chapters 5-20 (27 883 words) complete
A Midsummer Night’s Kiss: Revised and published chapter 2+3 (4633 words) ongoing
One-shot scene for Bowstrings & Velvet: 3039 words

While Shadows & Lace is technically finished – I do want to go back and flesh it out a bit more since it was rushed to hit the contest deadline. When I do that, I will probably also do the editing.

I also made a collection book for the whole Spellbound universe where I’ve added the one-shot scene, character lists, world history etc. I’ve not bothered adding the words for that, since most of it is just lists and such anyway, so not exactly fiction writing.

Cover for The Spellbound Codex


So in a moment of stupidity, I managed to delete the blog for a while. Fortunately, my host was able to retrieve it from a backup – but I did lose a lot of links to old photos. I don’t think a lot of people look back at old posts, so shouldn’t be too bad. Still frustrating though.

When I got it back, I decided to change the colour scheme slightly. If you can’t remember, this was the old one – compared to what you see now. Minor changes, but it feels a bit happier and cheerier which is what I need.

I also updated the Writing section slightly, mainly with images – which I hope won’t load too slowly! But it now has all of the most recent covers and blurbs for the stories.

The website in general is giving me some weird problems where it locks me out for a few days now and then. Not as in, I can’t login, but rather that I can’t even access it. Almost as if the host is blacklisting my ip from time to time. Very strange. (This is also the reason this post is a few days late, as I’ve only just now been able to get back on after the last lockout.)

What has everyone else been up to the last three months?

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