Apparently, this is the only thing I post recently. I won’t pretend that I was a prolific poster before lockdown, but I was doing marginally better than now. So, I apologise. Or something.


The UK is still partially in lockdown, even though they’re easing us out of it. Cases are starting to pick back up again though, so we’ll see what happens. Still not allowed to properly hang out with family. We’re allowed indoors, but keeping 2m distance. I think this is the same as last month. They opened up pubs and restaurants. I personally think pubs maybe wasn’t the best idea, because once you’ve had a few beers, social distancing might not be the first thing you think of. Hopefully, it won’t backfire.

I think everyone has lockdown fatigue by now. I can’t wait until the Imp is allowed to spend a few hours alone with her grandparents. Both for her sake, theirs and mine. (Definitely mine. Love the tiny tyrant, but I think after 4+ months we could do with a few hours break from each other!)


So, I did Camp NaNo in July, so my numbers are pretty good this month. (For me, I know there are writers out there who can write a lot more.)

Total words/work for July
Damask & Deception: Chapters 2-6 (7437 words) ongoing
WIP: Chapters 1-14 (21 160 words) ongoing, not published anywhere
A Midsummer Night’s Kiss: Revised and published chapters 6-8 (12 491 words) ongoing

It’s been a busy month, but I got a fair bit done. I’m hoping to keep some semblance of this pace. We’ll see.

I might slow down in August since I’m debating getting back to and revising Bowstrings & Velvet. I’m debating between getting a few more first drafts of Spellbound stories done and then revise them. Or get a couple of them sorted now. I currently have two finished ones that need expanding/editing and I’m working on two more. I have ideas for at least a handful more.

Other Stuff

Still no luck on the brownie baking. I think I’m just not cut out to be a brownie baker.

Life is still fairly slow in the half-lockdown world. I don’t want to go anywhere too exposed to masses of people so we’re hanging out at home and in our garden a lot. There are a few places I’m happy to go where I know we have large spaces to move around. I might be extra cautious, but I’m rather safe than sorry at this point.

I finished watching Community. I breezed through the second season of Dead to Me and am working on the latest season on Working Moms. I watched the movie Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga and probably found it funnier than it deserves. The music is quite catchy as well.

What’s everyone else been up to? Watched anything good?

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