Well, the title of this one says it all, doesn’t it? It seems so typically female with moodswings, but lately I seem to suffer from them quite a bit. Drives me insane. Then, I think it’s a myth that only females have moodswings, I seem to see several men who have them as well.

Lately my mind just don’t seem to be able to stay clear of some things I rather not think about, and so I end up in a pretty bad mood, which probably (certainly) is very unpleasant for the people around me. I know when it happens, and I know I must be a pain to be around, but I just can’t get myself into a better mood.

And naturally it works like a downwards spiral… Something sets it off… then I get angry with myself for being in a bad mood, which puts me in an even worse mood… and so on and so forth. Pathetic, isn’t it?

I just worry a lot about some things. I like having a good idea about what I’m going to do in the future, and at the moment I’m not really getting any clear indications of anything in my life, and it makes me uncomfortable and I start to worry.

Well, I suppose that’s enough self pity for one day. It’s Saturday, I should be happy I’m not working… And in a few days my sister comes to visit, which will be nice. Should keep me from brooding too much.

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