I don’t know if I’m setting myself up to fail or not, but I’m trying the Open Novella Contest on Wattpad at the moment. It’s inspired by NaNoWriMo, but has a much more relaxed schedule – which suits me a lot better. Most days I get a whole two hours to myself, and those go towards any writing/blogging/reading social media/reading… showers… So, needless to say, my writing time is limited.

The Open Novella Contest is only 20 000 words in 12 weeks. Much more doable for a toddler-mum.

What’s slightly different to NaNo is that you get a list of prompts to choose from. But they’re relatively open, and you’re allowed to change it somewhat to suit your needs. I went with this prompt:

To escape her abusive parents, a princess dresses up as a male vigilante to protect her kingdom but soon catches feelings for her own ‘damsel in distress’, who knows nothing of her royal blood and true identity.

I’ve decided to write another story in my Spellbound (fantasy) universe. Romance, of course. I’m incapable of writing anything different. I’ve changed a few details, for example, the abuse of the parents is more towards the kingdom than the princess. Guess what though? For once, I actually don’t hate the blurb I wrote! Normally, I really struggle with blurbs.

The contest is set up in three word-goal stages. The first is only 2 000 words, and I’ve hit that. After that, it’s 8 000 and then 20 000 at the end. Wish me luck in hitting them all!

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    • Haha thank you! If you don’t want to use Wattpad, I am putting them on my future author site as well, and once finished I might even put them out as free Kindle books *lol* (You can find links to all except the contest on the Writing Page here on the blog.)

      It’s a nice app/website though (Wattpad), but admittedly the quality of the stories vary greatly. As a writer, I like it since it allows people to make in-line comments on stories, which is nice.

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