Hi, my name is Emmie… and I’m a Bookaholic

I’ve come to the conclusion that I should not – cannot – enter a bookstore any longer. Because if I do, I’m bound to come out with a few more books for my bookshelf and much less cash than I had when I entered.

I love books.

I’m addicted to books.

I cannot stop buying books.

The ironic thing is that at the moment I have no time to actually read books. I have a whole bookcase now filled with books I’ve not read yet. And still I keep buying them. I can’t help myself. I just have to.

I recently acquired a gorgeous copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I had to. How could I not? It had gilded edges on the pages…

I do read. Whenever I can. It’s just not very often. In fact, I read Eloisa James’ Taming of the Duke (finally) this weekend. In one sitting. Unfortunately that sitting was from 1am to 6am (so I’m rather tired today!). I just wish I had more time to read. Eventually I will.. I hope. Maybe then I can catch up on all the unread books I have. (Last count it was more than 100… and I’ve bought more since.) If I can buy less books for a while maybe I could even catch up…

Does anyone else have anything that they buy too much of? (Not that I necessarily think I have too many books.. I do love them, afterall. I just wish I had time to read them as well.) Do you have a hard time resisting the allure of certain things? Clothes? Movies (I must admit to buying a fair few of those as well)? Anything?

Or am I the only ‘addict’ in the room?

Dear Writer,

Understood and complied.

Yours (ever so faithfully),
{list of characters}

*complete silence*

1 minute has passed…

2 minutes…


Jacob (in a theatrical whisper), “Why hasn’t she started writing yet?”

Bonk… Bonk… Bonk… (<— writer banging head against wall in frustration)

A stressed writer…

Dear Characters,

As the writer, I would like to believe that it is my prerogative whether I’m writing or not. At the current time I am not writing since I have had other things to deal with, and I am also trying to decide on the best course of action to get this particular story finished.

However, I am having troubles concentrating because I have all these annoying characters inside my head who all want their own story told, and I have therefore been busy writing these ideas down before they disappear. I think that you should know though, that it is giving me a headache. I feel that you should learn to be quiet when I’m not asking you for your help, and you should keep your noses from where they don’t belong (the actual planning process of the writing).

While I have several characters whining about their stories I cannot get anything done, so I would highly appreciate it if you would all just shut up for some time and mind your own business. Then I can get back to writing and everything will be well.

A very tired writer

Concerned characters

Dear Writer,

We have become aware as of late that you are not effectively working on the story of Jessica and Jacob, and we feel that we must express our concern in this regard. The story is so close to being done, you must only re-write some of the scenes and do revisions and proofreading. We cannot understand what is causing this delay in your efforts. The longer it is taking the more difficult it will become, and we are worried about your commitment to our cause.

Also, we would like to make you aware of the discord between ourselves that this is creating. You cannot imagine the bickering this is causing about the reasons for your delays. We understand that you are busy writing down ideas for other stories, but would very much appreciate your immediate attention to the story at hand, after which you will be able to start the next one. We believe that this is a solution that would suit everyone’s needs.

Yours Sincerely,

Lady Jessica Howerty

on behalf of
Nathaniel Howerty, the Marquess of Pensington (who wants Jacob to pay for what he did)
Jacob Hurst, the Earl of Wortham (who wants Nathaniel off his back)
Lady Miranda Howerty (who wants Nick to shut up about getting her story)
Lady Nicola Howerty (who won’t stop talking about getting her story – partly just to annoy Rain)

Being a bad writer…

“What do you think she’s doing?”

Nathaniel gave Jacob an irritated look. “How am I supposed to know?”

His friend smiled blandly. “Well, you usually act as if you know everything. I thought you knew this too.”

Arching his eyebrows, Nathaniel asked sardonically, “Aren’t you confusing me for yourself now?”

Jacob chuckled. “Perhaps. But the question remains. I don’t understand what’s taking her so long. We should be much further along than this.”

“Maybe you scared her off,” Nick supplied helpfully from where she was sitting by the window petting one of Rain’s kittens.

“I did not!” Jacob scoffed. “I’ve been on my best behaviour.”

“Even your best behaviour leaves much to be desired,” Nathaniel muttered. “I’ve not forgotten what you did to my sister.”

“Are we back to that again?” Jacob sighed, looking bored.

Nathaniel looked as if he was going to boil over, so Jessica quickly stepped in. “Nathaniel, it’s fine. Let’s not argue. What’s done is done.”

“Fine,” Nathaniel bit off with an angry glance at Jacob who was now smiling blithely. “Let’s concentrate on the issue at hand. But he better wipe that smug look off his face before I punch him.”

Nick stood up and walked over to the group gathered at the table. “So, why isn’t she writing? She should be working on finishing Jacob and Jessica’s story, shouldn’t she?”

Everyone nodded. “That’s what we’re talking about.”

“Maybe she’s tired of them?” Nathaniel pondered.

“Hardly,” Jacob scoffed. “It’s rather that she knows that our story is much better than yours. If she finishes it’ll just prove this fact and it’ll make yours seem so much worse. You couldn’t handle that.”

“There is nothing wrong with my story!” Nathaniel snapped.

“So you think,” Jacob mumbled, his eyes glittering with suppressed mirth from having been able to poke Nathaniel’s temper once again.

“She needs to get back to writing. The story has to finish so that she can start on mine,” Nick complained. “I want to be a grown-up and have my own fun!”

“Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you’ll actually act like one,” Rain called from where she was sitting on the floor, surrounded by a litter of kittens.

“But I’ll have fun,” Nick said. “And that’s what matters. Besides, she’s going to write my story before yours, even though I’m younger,” she added as she stuck her tongue out at her older sister.

“That’s just because mine is much more important and she needs more time to plan it,” Rain grumbled. “I’m going to be the Incomparable during my London season. Everyone knows that. Then I’ll meet a handsome man and we’ll fall in love instantly and live happily ever after.”

“Hardly,” Nick said with a big smile. “You’ll be miserable, else there will be no story to tell.”

“We’re digressing,” Nathaniel cut off their bickering. “We need to find a way to sort this out. How can we get the writer to start writing again?”

“Let’s send her a letter?” Jacob suggested with a grin.

“Well,” Jessica said slowly as she was thinking. “To be honest I can’t really think of another way. So let’s do that. Who will write it?” She looked at the others and then sighed when she noticed that they were all looking expectantly at her. “Fine!” she muttered. “I’ll do it.”

“Very well,” Nathaniel said, satisfied. “Maybe you can finally get your happily ever after now, Jessica.”

“I sure hope so,” Jacob muttered. “Maybe then people will get off my back…”

Where does one begin?

That’s my current dilemma. I need to revise my WIP and I don’t know where to start. If it was easy, normal revisions (ie. reading it through from beginning to end and editing and changing to make it better) it wouldn’t have been so difficult. However, I need to more or less re-write the last few chapters and I need to add scenes in the middle.

This is new to me since my first MS didn’t need these kind of changes. For some reason that one worked out much better from start to finish, though I have a feeling that in the end this new WIP will be the better story.

I just have to figure out how to do it. I guess I’ll just have to pick one scene and simply write it and add it. I can always make it look nice and neat later in the proofreading and second round of revisions (once the rougher ones are done).

Just feels like such a task. But I want to get it done, because eventually I want to start writing on MS#3. I already have almost 10 pages of notes, so I really look forward to it. But for now, I need to stick to my current WIP.

In the meanwhile, to relax a bit now and then I delve into the World of Warcraft game that I’m recently so addicted to. I never played a lot of games, but this one really has me hooked. I play an Undead character, so that’s kind of funny. I’ve put a picture of her here, I named her Braithe. Isn’t she pretty? *lol* Half-rotting skin and all…

Otherwise there’s no news really. Just spending my days at work (as usual), and waiting for end of June when I’ve got some vacation and am going to Sweden to visit my family.

I guess now I had better look at that WIP again… *sigh* Anyone else ever find revisions troubling? Just knowing where to start is somethings difficult.

And then there were none…

My apartment seems kind of empty and quiet this evening.

This morning (as I left for work) my family packed up and went back home, so by the evening when I returned the place was empty. It feels both sad and good at the same time. I’m sad to see my family go (since I don’t meet them all that often), but at the same time it’s kind of nice getting my apartment back to myself.

Squeezing five people into a two-room apartment isn’t the easiest of tasks (to put it mildly).

I’m not too sad though, since I’ll be going to visit them in just over two months. Not very bad at all (considering it’s usually 6 months between the times I see them).

Feeling quite good at the moment to be getting back to my life. I’ve had a bit of time to consider what I want to do with my current WIP, so this weekend I can get started on the revisions. Which, btw, I’ve realised will include re-writing the last five chapters or so. But it’ll be for the best, and I can still use some of what I’ve written, just need to change some stuff and write some new scenes. But some will need to be re-written. Kind of looking forward to it though. I just want to get started and get it done so that I can work on the details.

Well, it’s late over here and I need to get some sleep. Looking forward to tomorrow evening (since it means the weekend starts!)

Current obsession: World of Warcraft (game) (So over chocolate eggs by now!)


It’s that time of the year again. It’s Easter!

Have you collected your eggs, taken in the rice and prepared the food?

Easter is a very old tradition, and in my home country (Sweden in case anyone forgot) we celebrate it differently than most places. Sure, we celebrate the Christian holiday, but having been heathen for quite a long time the Nordic people still cling to a lot of old traditions that kind of merged with Christianity.

(In case you didn’t know, we still celebrate Midsummer’s Eve in June.. which is originally a festival in the honour of the Norse Gods.)

I like Easter in the North because it’s quite different from the rest of the world. First of all, we don’t have the Easter Bunny. Sure, we have chickens and eggs and all that, but no bunnies. What we do have… are witches!

Let me explain this tradition a bit further. It springs from the old days when the Nordic people were very very superstitious. We believed in trolls, stable gnomes, witches and a whole lot of other things. (I should probably mention that we’re talking like 1000 years ago, so not all that recently.) Back in those days it was believed that on the night before Easter all of the witches would travel to a place called Blåkulla (losely translated to Bluehill) where they would have a big celebration and meet up with Satan. (I’m thinking the Satan bit was added on later since that’s part of Christianity.)

So everyone would take precautions, silver under the bed, a cross above the door… You know, all the usual remedies to keep witches at bay. Also, big bonfires were supposed to do the trick.

Anyway, though we don’t believe in witches as such anymore. The tradition of witches lives on, and has turned into that we dress up our children as witches for Easter. After this, the traditions vary depending on where in the country you live. In the village where I grew up you would draw little pictures and fold them into letters which you put candy inside. Then you’d take them to your friends’ houses and toss them inside the door, yelling ‘Happy Easter!’ Your friend was then supposed to chase you, and had to catch you before you reached the gate/fence.

It was all great fun. 🙂

So, no Easter Bunny for us. We have a lot of old traditions from a long time ago that’s merged with the “newer” Christian traditions (fortunately when they turned us from heathens our old traditions were pretty much at the same times of the year, so it made it all much easier for them to convert us *lol*) It’s funny though, if you look at the Swedish name for Santa Claus, it can be literally translated as the Christmas Gnome. (Naturally dating back to the time when we thought that gnomes lived in the stables and would take care of the horses and cows. If a pot of porridge wasn’t set out on Christmas Eve the gnome would get angry and wreak havoc in the stables.)

I could tell you lots more, but it’d bore you. Basically, I’m happy that it’s Easter and that some of my family is visiting and celebrating it with me.

What are your Easter traditions? How do you celebrate it with your family?

(The photos are of my baby brother when we dressed him up as an Easter Witch some years ago.)

Current obsession: Still House M.D. (getting a bit tired of chocolate Easter eggs by now!)


I got my couch put together, and someone came to take the old one out! Yes! I could finally put my dining table back in the livingroom (instead of the bedroom!) and do some vacuuming. Didn’t have time to clean as much as I should have, but at least it resembles something that’s presentable.

Doesn’t the new couch look much better now that it’s actually in one piece? *lol*

My family will be arriving tomorrow evening, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them. Well, not all of them are coming of course. But it’ll be my mom, her partner and two of my brothers (the youngest and the oldest).

Thursday is my last day at work this week, and then I’m off until (and including) next Wednesday to spend time with my family. That’ll be an extra bonus 🙂

On Friday I was at a Japanese restaurant, for the first time in my life! It was an outing with work to celebrate my supervisor (who is leaving for a new job in Rome!) and a colleague who is getting married. Chopsticks is not for a beginner, that’s for sure! I finally managed (a not so beautiful) grip to actually eat something, but it almost gave me a cramp!

It was funny about my supervisor btw, I got the new job in her department… came to work my first day… Conversation went something along the lines of…
Supervisor: “Hi Em! Welcome to the dept! Oh, and I’m leaving.”
Me: “Oh. Um… Congrats?”

Well, I think that was all from me today. I’ve done very little on my WIP (but I’m still on my break before revisions, so I’m justified!) but I now have 8 pages of notes for my next MS. Hmm…

Current obsession: House M.D. (and chocolate Easter eggs!)

What a day!

I’ve been on adventure today. One that I’d just as well have skipped.

I was watching a recording of Medium when my friend came banging on the door and said that I had to come immediately to drive her to her boyfriend’s apartment. Didn’t even get the time to shut off my TV. Turns out her boyfriend has called a gazillion times crying and upset, saying that he’s going to kill himself.

We hike off to his place, while my friend is calling the police. They meet us there and since we can get no contact with the boyfriend via phone they actually break his door down (in case he’s lying dying on the floor or something). Turned out the apartment was empty though.

Oh, and then they sent a second dispatch to our building (she has the apartment above me and we share an entrance) and instead of the police asking us if anyone has a key, they start trying to bash our door in too! (Our neighbour has a key… Who is also our landlord, who was not happy about the police trying to smash the door…) Fortunately someone caught them before they smashed the door entirely to bits, so it’s just slightly damaged.

If you’re wondering, the guy finally showed up at his apartment and the police took him away (he was unharmed btw…) to put him in a cell for a few hours. (He’d apparently heaved a couple of bottles of wine in the space of 2 hours). They’re going to let him sober up for a few hours and then let him talk to a shrink. I’m thinking that’s a good idea cause the guy obviously needs help.

So… that was my Saturday. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? How was yours? Did the police try to bash in your door?