The Edge of Reason

Or rather, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. I went to see that tonight with a friend of mine (her birthday present from me together with a dinner in an Italian restaurant… A pleasant evening on the whole…) and some of my fears were really there, but it still was better than expected.

My worry before seeing the movie was that it would ruin the experience of the first. Fortunately that didn’t happen. However, I found myself quite frustrated and annoyed at times, just watching Bridget muddle her way through some thoroughly embarrassing situations. She’s over-reacting a bit much, and several situations are just too over the top or trying too hard to be funny.

The fact that she was even for a moment considering going back to Cleaver bothered me a lot, but I suppose we all make misjudgments every now and then, so I can forgive her that one. Her friends weren’t as charming as in the first movie, in this one I found them mainly selfish and annoying, their suggestions horrible.

However, on the whole it’s a pretty sweet movie. And it’s got Colin Firth… After all, there’s not a movie with Colin Firth in it that’s not worth watching… My favourite scene in the entire movie was probably when Darcy was chasing Cleaver around to the music of The Darkness. I found that part hilarious!

Something about the movie I found difficult to believe though was that even though only 6 weeks had passed since the first movie, Bridget was already starting to fret about when or if Darcy would propose to her. Isn’t it a bit soon to be worrying about that so soon after you got together?

But then, I haven’t got much to judge from I suppose. Considering that after a 5 year relationship I don’t even live with my boyfriend. But even so, 6 weeks seems awfully short.

Anyway, the movie is worth watching. I probably wouldn’t even mind seeing it again some time, if only to see Darcy trying to drown Cleaver again…

What I Want for Christmas…

So the Christmas Countdown is starting early this year, I’m already waiting for it and hoping it will soon be time to take in and dress the tree. It’s just over 5 weeks left, so not so much longer! (I guess I better start looking for Christmas gifts…)

At the same time I feel kind of sad as well, because I seem to be in the same spot I was one year ago… or even two years ago for that matter. I would love for my boyfriend to come with me and celebrate Christmas in Sweden with me, just once… If he doesn’t like it, then fair enough… But he refuses to come along every year. In fact, he’s refusing to come along to Sweden at all since about 4.5 years now.

Last year I was practically begging on my knees for him to join me, but he wouldn’t relent. This year I’ve given up on begging since it obviously makes no difference. I seem to be out of options, and I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that he won’t come along.

But then where does that leave our relationship, if he will never come with me to visit my family? I know I’m not someone who could keep the lives completely separate, I’m not someone who would even want to. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I believe in living together and sharing each other’s lives… Visiting each other’s families… Getting married… Having children… (Sure, a bit of time apart every now and then is only healthy, but that’s a different point)

The way our relationship is now, I know it won’t last… Because I can’t live my life that way… And if leaves me feeling a bit at odds and not knowing where to go from here. He’s giving me no indication of what he wants… Whenever I try to find out I just don’t get an answer… And I don’t know what to do…

Anyway, on a different note. I managed to finish Chapter 6 today… It needs some revisions, but I’m thinking I’ll do that later on, right now I really just need to keep writing to keep the book moving.

But now I’m going to watch Shrek 2 (again) and feel sorry for myself…

Chapter 6 Panic

I’m now two weeks behind on my own deadline, I really need to get a grip. I wanted to finish one chapter per week, but after the first week (during which I finished chapter 5) I’ve not since managed to finish a single chapter.

The week it was meant to be written I was sick and so I never found the energy (or inspiration) to write it. The week after (last week) I should have managed, but I ended up being quite busy at work and felt too tired when I get home.

And unfortunately it doesn’t end there. I’m having some kind of Chapter 6 breakdown or something. It took me all of last week to figure out how to start it. I tried four different ways to start the chapter, and neither worked out. Now I think I’ve finally got it, but having written a couple of pages I seem to have lost my touch and I don’t know how to continue.

It’s very frustrating and I guess I’ll just have to force myself to write something. If it’s total crap, then so be it. It’s easier to edit a page full with text than a blank page, as some wise writer once said…

So I better get to it.. Wish me luck!

Sick & Tired

Yes yes, I know that’s the title of a song, but it seemed suitable.

I ended up being sick all of last week so didn’t get anything written at all, which makes me feel really guilty. I’ve already failed my own personal deadline. Anyway, I’m planning to get back on track this week and get Chapter 6 ready by Sunday!

It’s amazing really how exhausted you can be after having spent an entire week in bed. One would think you’d feel rested and relaxed instead, but no…

Of course I’ve come back to a fairly humongous backlog of work that’s been piled up during my absence last week. I’ve worked through some of it, but there’s still a lot to go.

Hmm.. I’ve just realised this must be one of the most boring blogs in the history of the universe, but I’m doing it mainly for my own entertainment anyway, so who cares?

Well, I better get back to that pile of work…


Fortunately for me I managed to finish my chapter for last week on the first day of the week, because I was too busy during the rest of the week to even write a single sentence. So, still on schedule! *fingers crossed* Although this week it’s going slow, I’ve not even started this week’s chapter and it’s already Wednesday!

So I’m quite behind… I won’t make excuses, I will finish it…somehow… Last week Tuesday my sister came to visit. She’s studying in France these days, so it was nice to get to see her. She stayed until yesterday morning. During her stay I didn’t get anything written since I was working during the days and spending the evenings with her.

And now I’m sick *sigh* So now I don’t have the energy to write. I hope I will feel better soon, because I really want to stick to my ‘chapter-a-week deadline’.

I’m currently considering re-arranging a couple of things in the book to add some tension a bit sooner than previously planned, but I’ll have to think about it a little more when my head doesn’t feel like it’s wrapped in a ball of cotton.

The week with my sister was really nice. We went out to the cinema one evening, did some shopping and had several nice evenings at home with nice food and watching movies. Then we had a Halloween party with some friends which was really nice.

It feels a bit sad that she’s left again, but hopefully we’ll meet at Christmas when we both go home to visit our family. I just hope I won’t run into any problems with getting time off from work.

Anyway, I better get some more rest so that I can get back to work and writing.

Personal Deadlines

I was thinking about joining the National Novel Writing Month this year, but finally decided against it since I’m working on a novel already (ok, only got 4 chapters down but at least I’m moving along) and thought I should concentrate on that instead.

So, to put things down black on white and leave myself no escape. My previous deadline for my novel was 1 chapter per month. I’ve actually managed 3 chapters in October, so I’ve decided that the new deadline is 1 chapter per week(!).

If I really can’t manage, then the absolute minimum is 2 chapters per month. (I can imagine December will be a 2 chapters-month with Christmas and all coming up.)

I guess I have to get started on chapter 5 now. =)

Getting cold feet though… Starting to wonder if I’m really good enough to get published (I do it because I love writing, but I’d love to get published) and if anyone will ever want to read my books.

Anyway, there’s no way to find out except continue writing and finish it, then see if anyone is willing to publish it…

So… I’m off to get some writing done!


Well, the title of this one says it all, doesn’t it? It seems so typically female with moodswings, but lately I seem to suffer from them quite a bit. Drives me insane. Then, I think it’s a myth that only females have moodswings, I seem to see several men who have them as well.

Lately my mind just don’t seem to be able to stay clear of some things I rather not think about, and so I end up in a pretty bad mood, which probably (certainly) is very unpleasant for the people around me. I know when it happens, and I know I must be a pain to be around, but I just can’t get myself into a better mood.

And naturally it works like a downwards spiral… Something sets it off… then I get angry with myself for being in a bad mood, which puts me in an even worse mood… and so on and so forth. Pathetic, isn’t it?

I just worry a lot about some things. I like having a good idea about what I’m going to do in the future, and at the moment I’m not really getting any clear indications of anything in my life, and it makes me uncomfortable and I start to worry.

Well, I suppose that’s enough self pity for one day. It’s Saturday, I should be happy I’m not working… And in a few days my sister comes to visit, which will be nice. Should keep me from brooding too much.

My Very First Blog

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time. “Hey, a blog might be nice…” And finally, I thought… Oh, what the heck… I’ll do it!

Now, don’t expect any rocket science here. I’m just a normal person, in fact, I’m more boring than your average person, so there won’t be long tales of late nights and sordid deeds… I’m afraid I’m a quiet person who spend most evenings alone with a book.

My most fascinating trait is one people wouldn’t see or know about… My avid imagination. (Not always a good thing, mind you! When I’m walking home late at night I see monsters and murderers –and possibly a werewolf– in every street corner.) I’m spending most of my time creating things in my head… characters, plots, places… and have them act them out.

Lately I’ve finally started to work on something that has been a dream of mine since I was a silly little girl with a bad perm (I think I was 13), and I’ve started writing on a book.

I used to say that I wanted to write fantasy, and I still do… But for now I’m writing a Romance novel (pff… I see you scoffing, stop right there… romance is the best selling genre there is!)

It’s quite simple really… I love writing… I’m a hopeless romantic… Why shouldn’t I write romance novels? I wrote some fantasy (still do for short stories) but no matter what I started writing my characters always ended up falling in love with each other! So I gave up, and now I just write romance and save myself the trouble of trying to prevent them from falling in love =) (In fact, now I encourage it by putting them in compromising situations… *evil laughter*)

Oh, did I mention I’m a bit off-kilter? People just don’t realise until they get to know me a bit better, but I have a very odd sense of humour.

Anyway, this is my very first blog, and a very odd one at that, maybe I should have spent more time talking about my day at work (which was very boring btw, if you were wondering) or how bad the weather is (it’s actually not raining for once) instead of spending most of the entry talking about my writing. But! It was more fun this way… at least for me… =)