I was thinking about joining the National Novel Writing Month this year, but finally decided against it since I’m working on a novel already (ok, only got 4 chapters down but at least I’m moving along) and thought I should concentrate on that instead.

So, to put things down black on white and leave myself no escape. My previous deadline for my novel was 1 chapter per month. I’ve actually managed 3 chapters in October, so I’ve decided that the new deadline is 1 chapter per week(!).

If I really can’t manage, then the absolute minimum is 2 chapters per month. (I can imagine December will be a 2 chapters-month with Christmas and all coming up.)

I guess I have to get started on chapter 5 now. =)

Getting cold feet though… Starting to wonder if I’m really good enough to get published (I do it because I love writing, but I’d love to get published) and if anyone will ever want to read my books.

Anyway, there’s no way to find out except continue writing and finish it, then see if anyone is willing to publish it…

So… I’m off to get some writing done!

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