So, it’s been pretty quiet around here lately – that’s because I’m spending hardly any time at the computer these days (and I’m too old to write anything longer than a text message on my phone), due to feeling exhausted (and uncomfortable) most of the time.

There’s a reason for that.

If everything goes well, there will be a baby joining us in March 2018.

I’m happy, but also terrified.

It’s frustrating in a way though, because pregnancy seems to have exacerbated my chronic fatigue, and I’ve spent most of it being more or less passed out on the couch when not at work (and only barely staying awake at work). Which means that, again, nothing is being written or edited. I need to try to pick myself up for the last trimester and do as much as possible, because who knows what kind of time and energy I have once the baby arrives (methinks – very little).

Anyway, it’s good news. And lots of writers are parents, so hopefully I’ll figure out a new routine eventually where I can fit both baby and writing.

Future Imp, ETA March 2018.

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    • Hej! Vad kul att höra från dig! Du har försvunnit från Facebook, och jag började bli lite orolig. Skönt att se att allt verkar vara ok 🙂

      Har startat en svensk blogg nyligen där jag skriver lite mer personligt och om livet i England (eller det är planen i alla fall), ifall du vill läsa den. Det kommer komma bilder på Bailey i jultröja i helgen 😀

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