I’ve been re-reading the first novel I wrote, while reading it out loud to the boyfriend. It’s a nice little activity that we can do over Skype, since he lives so far away. However, as I’m reading through it I’m noticing my horrible habit of run-along sentences. They’re much, much longer than any sentence ever need be! So that’s definitely something to look into when I go over it for another proofread/edit.

I think I’ve decided that I will give e-publishing a go. Most likely I won’t make any money from it, but if even a handful of people read and enjoy my books – that’d still be really cool! So once I finish reading the book out loud to the boyfriend, I will start some proper editing. Reading it now though gives me a good idea about the flow and feel of the book, so it’s still a useful thing to do.

Recently I even got myself a stock photo to use for a cover. Sadly the woman in the photo has brown hair, and my heroine has blonde. So… eh… any Photoshop aficionados out there who know how to turn brown hair blonde?

Should be blonde!
Should be blonde!

I’m still playing around with how the cover would look. Fonts/placement etc. But it’s a start. Now, if I could just get that hair thing figured out!

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    • Yeah, I quite like it. Just a shame I couldn’t find a single one with a blonde woman. The original actually shows faces and everything, but I prefer it cropped like this. It seems less cheesy somehow.

      Still cheesy now.. but I never liked those over-done romance covers, so this will have to do. 🙂

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