Re-activated WoW account.

I honestly couldn’t tell you if it’s being in lock-down or just missing the game after 18 months, but I suddenly had the urge to activate my World of Warcraft subscription again. So I did.

After year and a half of not playing… It’s rather confusing. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do after having missed several content patches. At least, things are fairly quiet since we’re in that period before a new expansion when there’s nothing new coming. So I have a chance to catch up.

I haven’t decided yet if I will keep playing. I’ve given myself one month to get a feel for it. With a toddler and trying to write regularly, my free time is definitely limited – and WoW is definitely a time sink! But, I will play around a bit and see how my time management ends up. As long as my writing doesn’t suffer, I wouldn’t mind playing at least a little, casually.

Has anyone else picked up something new (or old?!) during lock-down?

Ps. I realise there hasn’t been a Monthly Update for… a while. I will do one on June 1st for the last three months instead. It will basically say “was in lock-down” anyway, right?

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