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Another One Complete! (& To-Do List)

I finished my second novella of the year! 2020 might be a shit year, but at least I seem to be back to writing somewhat consistently again, so that’s something.

Both of the finished novellas so far have been ones in the Spellbound series, so that seems to be what I’m focusing on now. That said, I still want to edit and finish my Regency romance novel as well. It’s just difficult to find the time for everything.

Now I have to decide which of all my ideas for Spellbound stories will be my next one. There are so many I want to write, it’s hard to pick!

In an effort to plan out what I want to do with the writing, I’m starting a new To-Do List to keep track. I realise this is mainly interesting for yours truly, but somehow publishing it makes me feel more accountable, so here we go!

  • Research Kindle self-publishing
  • Write the next Spellbound novella (probably Silk & Steel)
  • Edit Bowstrings & Velvet
  • Edit Shadows & Lace
  • Edit and publish on Wattpad (later Kindle) A Midsummer Night’s Kiss
  • Work out the details of a few more Spellbound ideas (find a story for Baudwin)
  • Write the sequel to A White Rose
  • Re-make covers into Kindle sizing (maybe change cover images?)
  • Research marketing of self-published books
  • Probably a lot more things I just haven’t thought of yet…

Well, that’s it for the To-Do List, though I suspect there are a lot more things to be added to it. And this is only for writing! I have a lot of things I’d like to do outside of writing too. Ugh, too much to do – too little time!

Shameless self-promotion

When I next get a moment I will write a post about Christmas and New Year’s, but today it all about shameless self-promotion!

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve set myself some goals for 2020. One is to finally revise my old manuscript and self-publish it to Kindle before the end of the year. (Still need to get cracking on this one!) The other is to start putting myself out there, as scary as it is… So I’m publishing some other material on Wattpad. (If you don’t know it’s a platform for readers and writers where you can publish your work and/or read others stories. Or just read, there are a lot of people supposedly who are only readers as well. You can either do it on their website or download their app onto your phone/tablet.)

So! I’ve set myself a goal of one chapter of a novella every Monday. It’s a fantasy romance novella called Bowstrings & Velvet. I will add the blurb below in case anyone is curious about my terrible writing. It’s Romance with capital R, and fantasy with lower case f. Just pointing it out. Definitely more internal conflicts/character-driven than big, sweeping fantasy settings. Basically it’s people falling in love but in a fantasy world. Still, it’s writing and I’m rusty. I need to start somewhere.

The idea is that there will be a bunch of novellas/short stories all taking place in the same fantasy world. They all take place after the big battle that usually culminates in a “regular” fantasy novel, where they usually end. These stories happen in what’s left of the world after the big bad has been defeated, as the people are getting back to a new normal. Just because you win the war/defeat the bad guy it doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly fine and dandy (demonstrated very well by the burning of the Shire, for those who read Lord of the Rings).

But I’m rambling now. (It is late and the Imp has been waking up a lot during the night, so my brain may not be at peak performance, I’ll be honest.)

Below is the blurb for Bowstrings & Velvet. And also for A White Rose, which is a short story in the same universe, also sort of in progress, so nothing is completed.

If you want to check Wattpad out, you can do so here.

Blurbs are hard, ok? I need to practice!

Change of Pace

This is just a quick little note to anyone who maybe hasn’t removed this blog from their feedreaders or unsubscribed from the e-mails – the WoW blog won’t be coming back, and since this is my oldest domain (and I want to keep it in use) this will turn into my personal blog.

So unless you like reading about life with a baby, and boring posts about my life in general – I suggest you remove this blog from your feedreader now!

I will keep the old WoW posts for posterity in their own category, since I think it’d be a shame to delete them.

Thanks for all the good times back in the day when I was still blogging actively about World of Warcraft!

Blog Update (obsolete post imported from old blog)

After lots of back and forth, I decided to move everything from my old blog to this one. It’s too much work to update two different blogs, and I just can’t do it. It’s not like I’m a prolific blogger in any case, and two blogs is just not a possibility for me.

Originally this blog was meant to be mainly for writing, but I am someone who likes to overshare write about my every day life, so I struggle to not do that. So it’s better to just have everything in one place. The name of this blog makes more sense as well. As much as I love the name “Carpe Effing Diem”, I think this one is more me. I’ve never really been one to seize the day as it were, I’m a worrier and someone that has to think about things before I do them. Preferably for days or weeks.

The Struggling Writer sounds a lot more like me. I am want to be a writer, and I struggle daily. Not just with writing, but just about everything, really.

So from nowon, this will be the blog I use, where I will share things about my life and my struggles with writing, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and everything else.

I’ve just imported everything from my old blog, so while I sort through about 10 years of blogging, it may look a bit disorganised, but I will get there, I promise!

Weekly Update (of sorts)

Considering the fact that I don’t post enough in any given week to truly warrant a weekly update post, I’ve decided that in the future I will make it a monthly update. It just makes more sense with my posting schedule.

That said, I had a good week with editing this past week, hitting my goal of one chapter per day. Go me!

Nothing is being written at the moment, since I’m putting all my focus into the editing of this novel. And we’re talking about a lot of editing. It takes me anywhere between 1-3 hours per chapter since I’m re-writing quite a bit. Also, there’s the thing that I just want this done,¬†you know?

Part of me is worried that I should be splitting my time between editing and writing, but for now I’ll focus on the editing. The second novel has already been written as well, but will also require extensive editing. However, maybe once I get to that one I will actually split my time between editing and writing.

In other news, I’m on holiday for a week, and so I expect that my editing schedule will suffer. I’m bringing my laptop with me, but because I’m going home to visit my family – I don’t think I will have a lot of spare time. Still, I will do my best to not fall too far behind. If nothing else, my mom tends to go to bed a lot earlier than I do, so I might be able to do some editing once she’s asleep.

Change is Coming

2017 is a year of change for me. It has to be, since I am determined to get back to writing and get my novel published. One of the reasons that I was unable to do pretty much anything last year was that my chronic fatigue coupled with my current job was sapping me of all my energy. Literally.

I would force myself out of bed in the mornings, already exhausted. I’d spend my day at work, keeping up a happy front, not letting people know how bone-tired I really was. Then as soon as I came home, I’d just deflate basically. Unable to keep my eyes open, I’d fall asleep and easily waste hours. Eventually I’d force myself up again, make some dinner. Maybe have an hour or two of trying to stay awake before going to bed for the night.

I’m writing it in past tense, but that is still the case today. It’s a struggle, and I can’t keep doing it. I get nothing done outside of working, since all I seem to do is sleep. Writing suffers. My chores around the home suffer. I suffer.

So, with that in mind – I’m making changes.

In an effort to get some energy back, I’ve quit my job and I’m instead going to a different job that is three nights a week rather than five days a week. It’s my hope that this will solve some of my lack of energy, since I won’t work as many days straight in a row – giving me more time to recuperate some energy. Which in turn should also give me more time to write (and do the other things that need doing).

It’s possible that it’s not going to make a difference, that I’m just too far gone into the rabbit hole of tiredness and exhaustion – but I have to try, because I can’t keep going like this.

Fingers crossed, that this will pay off – and I can get into a good routine of work, sleep, writing and having a bit of a life again.


A few years after everyone else, I finally discovered Pinterest. While it’s definitely something that makes you feel inadequate, it’s also great for inspiration and ideas. I’ve started boards for some of my writing, as well as for general use.

If you’d like to keep an eye on my Pinterest, you can find it here.

Amongst other things, I have boards for:

Writing Help
Writing Help

Inspiration for Home
Inspiration for Home

Writing Inspiration / Quotes
Writing Inspiration / Quotes


The Repository

Posts marked as Repository are old stories and poems that I’m putting on here for safekeeping. One of my hard drives blew up, and I lost most of my old stories. Fortunately a friend had copies of some, and I found another few on an old website. As I go through them and format them I will be dumping them on here.

They’re nearly all written when I was a teenager, so my writing isn’t the best (then again, it still isn’t, I’m always working on getting better), but you’re all welcome to read them.

I have made a page on the site, also called Repository, where I will link to each new post in the category so that they’ll be easy to find. There I will also put a tiny bit of information about the story.


A small “hello”

It’s been almost exactly ten years since I ran into the proverbial wall and had a burn out. I still remember the morning that I woke up a couple of hours before the alarm was supposed to go off, violently shaking and in a panic about the very idea of leaving the relative safety of my bed. It seems impossible for someone who’s never been in that situation, I imagine – but at that very moment, I could no more get out of that bed and go to work than I could have climbed Mount Everest.

Up until that point I had been working very hard, both in my professional job and at writing in my spare time; finishing two novels while also dealing with a stressful job and equally stressful things going on in my private life. All together, I guess they contributed to my eventual downfall. And fall I did, hard. Suddenly I wasn’t able to do anything.

I was someone who always prided themselves on being organised and remembering most things without writing them down, and suddenly I couldn’t remember the simplest things. To this day, I still struggle with my memory, and from having considered myself very stress-resilient, I now can’t handle any stress without coming apart at the seams.

Not only was I unable to work for quite some time after this, I found myself unable to write. Suddenly I was a writer without words.

Since then I’ve been through a lot, I’ve found myself back to a semi-decent life, though I still suffer from chronic fatigue and chronic pain (turns out that I have fibromyalgia, which might have been a factor in my burn out, or it may have come after… who knows). I’ve learned to deal with these things though, and after moving countries twice, breaking a leg, having a failed surgery (not leg related) that has damaged me in several ways, I’m feeling like I’m in a position to start to seriously look at what else I want to change in my life.

First and foremost; I want to start writing again.

And so I’m starting this blog both as a way to get me to write, and to hopefully keep me motivated by forcing myself to put how much I’ve done. The idea is that 2017 is the year that I will get into a writing routine, and get at least one of my two novels published.

Please join me on this journey!