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Two Years!

Today is a very special day – it’s the Imp’s birthday!

I can’t believe she’s 2 years old already! How did that happen!?

A few tidbits about our favourite imp…

She spent the first three months of her life refusing to sleep unless she was on my chest. When there she slept amazingly well. Me? Not so much.

Even after that, she wasn’t exactly a great napper/sleeper. She still isn’t. I’ve kind of given up hope of getting more than 4 hours of sleep until she’s a teenager.

She walked at 11 months and 3 weeks after spending a couple of months happily cruising along furniture.

She’s been such a boob-monster I swear her first word was the Swedish one for “boob”. (Tutte, if anyone is curious.) It’s possible that she was saying some bastardised version of mamma and daddy before that, but I’m fairly certain boob was her actual first word. I’m not quite sure what to make of that…

That octopus is nowhere near as big as it might look…

She came into the world tiny (2060 grams or ~4 lbs 8 oz) and 44 cm long. She’s still tiny. To the point where the health visitors are now reacting as she’s dropped off the lowest curve. She was steadily following the 0.4th centile for height but has now dropped below it, which is potentially concerning, I guess. She looks proportionate though. At 2 years old she’s now 75.5 cm tall and weighed in at 9660 grams (~21 lbs 4 oz). She’s still wearing the clothing size 9-12 months.

We celebrated her birthday mainly the day before on the Sunday with a little birthday party, inviting her little friends (and their parents). I made a train cake, and we had a little bit of a dinosaur theme (the second carriage of the train is transporting candy dinosaurs!).

The birthday girl with her massive balloon!
Train cake! I will be honest and admit that my imagination was greater than my execution! LOL!
I went all out and even coloured the cake layers.

Instagram Roundup (Catch-up)

I would like to get back to my monthly Instagram roundup posts, but it’s been a while so I thought I’d do a catch-up post of the ones I missed. Obviously that’s a lot of photos, so I’m not doing all, but I’ve chosen some that I’d like to share. To make it a little bit less spammy, I’ve added them as a gallery. It’s up to and including September this year. I will include October’s photos when I do a November post in early December.

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to make the gallery put the photos in the order I want, so they’re somewhat out of order.

Baby Potter

Photo spam incoming!

For my baby shower I received a Harry Potter onesie for The Imp, and some time ago I finally got around to using it (and she had grown into it). Since I’m a bit behind on my blogging in general, I never shared the photos – and they’re too cute not to! So, here’s Baby Potter!

The Imp is totally ready for her letter from Hogwarts. She has her own owl and everything!

The full outfit, including wizard’s hat!

It also includes a cape!

Waiting for her letter from Hogwarts!

“I’m ready to go!”

What are owls for if not eating?

The Imp was not impressed when I told her that one doesn’t get to start Hogwarts until 11 years old.

Instagram Roundup (Catch up)

This is pretty much a photo spam post since I’m catching up on all the Instagram photos that I haven’t had a roundup for in ages. Fortunately for all of us, I don’t post a huge amount to Instagram.

I went out for afternoon tea. Always yummy!

Mac enjoys the maternity pillow as much as I do (it’s under the covers).

Mac surveys his kingdom.

Our announcement photo.

Mac wants to be a hairdresser. I’m not quite as keen.

We went to dinner at our favourite restaurant.

Bailey had a hair cut.

One of the out take photos for our announcement. Notice the cat photo bombing?

In November/early December I went home to Sweden and was treated to a mini version of Swedish Christmas dinner.

Tried to make the living room look like it was Christmas ready.

I got all dressed up for the work Christmas do.

Bailey was showing off his new jumper for Christmas.

I dressed up as a Christmas pudding for Christmas. Because, well I kind of look like one right now.

Instagram Roundup (August)

Here are the few photos I’ve published on Instagram throughout August, all of them taken in Sweden.

Early morning on my way to the airport to return to England.

The lovely piece of cake I had on my birthday.

View of the lake in my old hometown.

A photo from the evening I was down on the west coast.

Another view of the lake from my old hometown.

A view of the other lake by my hometown.


Instagram Roundup (July)

My Instagram photos from July. Not a very busy month for photos from me, it appears!

My very yummy Banana Split dessert when out with dad+family.

Swanage beach. Again.

We ordered a Playstation 4 bundle – but something rather crucial was missing (the actual console!).

My cat making it difficult to use the PC, as per usual.

Instagram Roundup (June)

Roundup of Instagram posts for the month of June.

I marveled at the “wrongness” of the meatball dish at IKEA. It’s meant to be boiled potatoes, not chips!

The fancy promenade in the neighborhood where our house was.

A view in Spain.

The boyfriend got a very tasty dish in a restaurant. Showing off his usual hate of photos.

Interesting cliff formations at Bolnuevo in Spain.

The boyfriend and I at the beach in Spain one evening. At least he’s not flipping me off for once, only sticking his tongue out.

Funny sign at the Steam Vintage Tea Rooms.

Lovely afternoon tea at the Steam Vintage Tea Rooms.

The two cakes I made for the Swedish Midsummer BBQ. The green one is marzipan and the other is strawberries and cream.

Instagram Roundup (May)

It’s the first of June, and in all honesty I don’t know where this year has gone. Wasn’t it Christmas just a few weeks ago?! Below are my Instagram photos from the month of May.

Suddenly things were green…

He had a very interesting eating style for a while. (We rotated the table and it helped.)

Our cute minion of chaos.

Try revising when you can’t reach the keyboard…

The boyfriend’s reaction when I try to take a photo of our dessert.

Kitten’s new chill-out spot.

I attempted to make a cake for the boyfriend’s birthday with mixed success.

Instagram Roundup (April)

I’m not particularly prolific when it comes to taking photos and putting them on Instagram, but on the first of every month I’ll share whatever I have been putting up (if anything). This month is extra few since I used a lot of my Easter photos in the previous post. Oops!

On the first of every month, we will have this type of post. Rejoice! Or hide…

When you buy your dog a new bed, and he decides to use it as a pillow instead.

Technically not from April, but I was short on photos – and since it’s a new “feature” I’ve not posted it before. It’s the cathedral in Exeter, and the only photo I took while I was there for training in my new job.

Monthly Update (April)

We’re going to start doing monthly updates. Yay! Mainly for me to feel accountable for how much writing/revising I’ve done during the month, but also to see what I’ve been up to in general. Honestly, I think I forget myself if I don’t write it down.


Currently revised chapters: 14

I didn’t get as much done this month as I had hoped, but I have great excuses reasons. I spent just over a week on holiday, during which I didn’t do a single thing related to writing. Also, while it might look like a measly number, I stopped after chapter 14 when I realised that after ten years this novel needed a lot more work than just editing. Meaning that I’ve gone back to chapter one and started heavily revising.

Since then I’ve been revising, spending sometimes upwards of four hours per chapter, rewriting and trying to make it better. I’m nearly back up to where I finished (14), so if I can keep up a steady pace, I should be done revising before June rolls around. Then commences editing and proofreads.

My biggest problem, which I’m sure I’m not alone in, is lack of time. Every other week I have a few days off, but the other week I have several days in a row where my spare time is all of two hours between waking up after a night shift and then having to be back at work. During those two hours I generally have to shower, walk the dog and eat some dinner. Some of those days I’ve managed to revise half a chapter, but that’s rare.

I sometimes worry that I’m spending all my time revising rather than starting to write something new, but I think it’s best to focus on getting this novel ready first. I’ll worry about the next one later. The positive thing with all this revising is that I’m suddenly finding myself with lots of story inspiration again, something I’ve been lacking for a long time. So hooray!

Other stuff

I spent just over a week back in Sweden over Easter, and it was great. I loved seeing my family again. Below will be a spam of photos from the holiday, so feel free to ignore. The holiday was great, even if I got no writing or revising done.

Mom made a cheesecake decorated with Malteaster bunnies. Yummy!

When the egg is nearly as big as the kid, we might need to think about this…

The favourite thing the nephew received.

Mom made Easter egg cakes. It’s actually a cream and half a peach.

It snowed… SNOWED! Come on Sweden!

The one scenery photo I took, and it’s not even good!

A wild sprite appears!

Nephew happy out on a walk.

Niece rocking the tutu and sunglasses look.