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The Imp

In just over six weeks the Imp will be two years old. It’s hard to imagine. There’s this weird thing when you have a child where on the one hand you feel like they’ve always been around, and on the other, you wonder where the hell the time has gone, were they not a newborn like, last week?

I realise that my writing about the Imp might not be overly interesting to all, and I fully understand that. Other people’s children are only so interesting really. Though more interesting, funnily enough, once you have one. This surprised me. I also find it difficult to know how much to share, since I do want to respect her privacy (ignoring that teenagers and young people these days seem to share absolutely everything online, so who knows what it will be like by the time the Imp gets to that age?). Sometimes I feel like I’m “proud momma” who wants to plaster photos of her cute monster everywhere, while at the same time I don’t really want to put her photo up all over the internet. It’s why, as she’s gotten older, I’m generally trying to only post photos now and then, and usually ones where you can’t necessarily see that much.

Anyway, as I’m approaching the day she turns two, I wanted to write down a few of the things she does. She’s a proper little monster. Again, I realise this is only interesting for… Well, probably me as I will come back and read this in the future, and possibly some of my family.

Why is she a little monster you no one ask?

Proof 1: The other week I found her in the cat’s litter tray together with some of her Duggee figurines. They were having a bath apparently. Cat litter all over the floor. I need an anti-bacterial shower. Like in the movies when they walk through that tunnel and get thoroughly sprayed.

Proof 2: Any time she can make it into the kitchen (there’s usually a gate locking her out) she will throw whatever she can in the dog’s water bowl. Like her toys, or kitten plush, or her feet! When I tell her off she just laughs in my face. She really respects me, people.

Proof 3: I left her in the living room for a few minutes watching nursery rhymes while I quickly washed up some dishes. I popped my head around after a couple of minutes (like I always do) to find her sitting in her high chair. It should be noted that when I left her she was on the floor…

Proof 4: She will tell the cat off whenever he’s on any furniture, loudly exclaiming “NO!” and waving him off. She will also chase him through the flat. Also the dog. The poor animals. (Yes, I do tell her off… See point 3.)

Proof 5: When she’s finished eating she can’t just… you know… Finish. She has to chuck any remaining bits on the floor. Including mug, plate and half-eaten yoghurt.

Still, I love my little monster. She can obviously be very lovely as well. And the truth is she’s probably no worse than any other toddler. They’re just little nightmares the lot of them.

“Flowers” for mummy.

2017 – A Look Back

With a new year having started, let’s have a look at what I was up to last year.

In February I left my job as a Teaching Assistant in a special needs school to work nights as a Support Worker for a former student of mine. Not sure if it was the best choice in hindsight, but I needed a change and this gave me one.

In March I had a miscarriage, and it was about as devastating as you might think. A few weeks after I ended up in the hospital for three days due to complications (an infection) from the miscarriage, and I was quite unhappy for some time.

In April I went back to Sweden for a holiday, celebrating Easter with my family. It was a lovely trip as always, but they never seem quite long enough.

In May we adopted our cat since I seemed to be suffering from empty nest-syndrome and needed a baby in the house. He was such an adorable little ball of fluff. We love him to bits, but in all honesty he’s grown up to be a bit of a prick.

In June the boyfriend and I went on our first holiday together that wasn’t either going to his family in England or my family in Sweden. We went to Spain, and spent a lovely week alone in a house with a private pool. It was amazing. We were also visited by my sister and her partner and little girl, which was a lot of fun.

In July my dad visited with his wife and my baby brother (who was approaching 8 at the time). We visited Swanage and mainly just hung out together and had a good time. That concluded the family visits for the year though, and I’m hoping to get some new visits this year again.

In August I spent two weeks back home in Sweden with my family, which was great. The weather wasn’t as awesome as I might have hoped, but it was still warm enough to enjoy some summer evenings out.

In October we had our bedroom re-painted, and it turned out really well!

In November we finally passed the first 20 weeks of our second pregnancy and could breathe a little easier after what had happened earlier in the year. We announced it on Facebook and it was suddenly official! I also visited Sweden again for a week since I realised I soon wouldn’t be allowed to fly, and it might be a while before I can go again.

What was your 2017 like?

2018? Wait… What?

I can’t quite believe that it’s 2018 already. Last year went so fast, a lot of things happened, and now it’s suddenly a new year. With even bigger changes happening.

Christmas was spent here in the UK this year. The boyfriend and I have an agreement that we spend every other year here and every other year in Sweden with my family. It was quiet, but nice. On Christmas Eve we visited the boyfriend’s grandmother with a lot of the extended family, then had a nice Swedish-inspired Christmas dinner at home. On Christmas Day we went over to his parents’ house where we spent the day with them, his sister and her husband.

New Year’s I was working, so not much happening there.

I got some lovely Christmas gifts, which I just simply have to show off. I got other nice things as well, but I don’t want to photo spam you too much.

I got some amazing books.

Coasters in the shape of cats!

The boyfriend got me a Kindle!

An owl snow globe! Is it just me, or does it look a bit like Hedwig?

Who doesn’t need a Hogwarts sign with hooks?

I’m sorry!

I apologise for any spam that might have happened to anyone who follows this blog by e-mail notifications. See, I realised that I had only been posting to another blog and not this one (while it was meant to be cross-posted), so I ended up adding everything tonight.

So, I’m really sorry about any potential spamming! I am finished, now, I promise!


Twelve. That’s the amount of working days left until school breaks up for the summer. I’m feeling quite worn down, so I’m very much looking forward to the time off. We don’t start again until September 1. The school holidays are definitely a big bonus when working in a school!

In the evening on the day we break up for summer, my mom, her partner and one of my brothers are coming over to visit for a week. It’ll be fun to show them around this new area where I live. Whenever I’m on outings with school, I try to make mental notes of where we are and if it would be something nice for my family to do.

After a week, they’ll be returning to Sweden, and I’m going with them. Can’t wait to visit home and see the rest of my family. My sister had a baby a month ago, and it will be the first time I see her – it will be so lovely!

Other news is that work did offer me another contract. Fixed-term again, until they break up for summer next year. So, good news – I’m still employed!

Some Photos

Here are some photos from the break-in at my mom’s house. As you can see he did trash quite a lot – just throwing things around.

Not such a great Friday…

Let me take it from the start…

My sister’s friend M has been staying at my mom’s house during the summer since she had a job during the holidays. Today she and three friends were in the grocery store shopping planning for a nice evening at one of their houses with a movie and good food. Some weirdo starts talking to them outside the store, touching one of the girls (who has a little baby, mind you) and saying stuff like he’s gonna sleep with her tonight. They find him creepy and start walking home, but he follows them.

Getting worried they decide to go into my mom’s house (where M currently lives) since the guy is still following them and they want to lose him. Locking the door they stay low hoping he didn’t see them go in and will disappear. This is about the time I arrive in my aunt’s car with all the dogs to pick up my mom for our daily walk in the forest. We leave and M locks the door behind my mom. As we drive off we see the weird dude walk up to the door and start knocking.

When we return maybe half an hour or so later we see that M and the others are standing by the neighbour’s porch. The neighbour is gesturing us over and tells us not to go into the house. Turns out the dude had somehow found a way inside the house while we were gone and is still outside. M and the others had hidden in the upstairs bedroom, with the dude banging on the door trying to get in. Being really scared they climb out the window and down the outside of the house so they could run over to the neighbour and have called the police.

We can hear bangs and noises from inside the house as the dude is wreaking havoc. He’s probably an addict because he’s not been acting normal and we’re worried what he might do if he finds us so we hide behind the neighbour’s house with all the dogs waiting for the police to arrive. Since the police has to come from quite far away we have to wait for quite a bit. In the meantime he wrecks the house, throwing things all over the floors, pulling doors off the hinges, breaking mirrors etc. etc. He also comes back outside (and we move further away) and smashes the front window of my aunt’s car and the rear door mirror as well. Then he finds some stuff to toss around after finding some roof tiles that he carries with him and smashing against the asphalt as he starts walking down the street slowly.

Finally the police shows up and captures him.

I never thought anything like this would happen. I always considered my town to be a nice, peaceful place. My mom’s home is completely wrecked and they have to stay at a hotel tonight since they can’t sleep at home. I’ve got Bella – their dog – since she obviously isn’t allowed at the hotel. I can only hope that their insurance covers most of the damages. But even then there’s so much to clean and tidy up – he really did a number on the house.

Happy Birthday

Well, technically it was yesterday – but I’m a bit slow. In any case I had a nice day – thanks to everyone who sent me sms and b-day cards, it’s always so nice to receive 🙂

I had my grandma and grandpa over around noon for some cake, then my family took me out to dinner later after which I brought them home for some cake. Except for the horrible weather it was a really nice day. On the picture below you can see the birthday cake I bought, it’s one of my favourites – very yummy! However, since we still had a lot of cake over after everyone had left I actually gave Bailey a small piece, and the rats got to share a tiny piece as well.

Better late than never?

My apologies to anyone who actually reads my blog, I realise I’ve not written in ages. It would appear that I’m exceedingly bad at doing so. So, what’s new?

The move went well, I’m now safely arrived – and at least somewhat unpacked – in my new apartment in Ed. Bailey is loving living closer to nature again, and of course to all his friends who we meet nearly every day for a walk in the forest or by the lake. Also my new little boys Nimbus and Gizmo have moved in of course. I will try to have some pictures up of everything in the near future.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. Just a quick update really, I will try to be better at writing again, I swear!

The end is nigh…

Okay, I guess that sounds much more ominous than it really is. Obviously I’m referring to the fact that on Sunday I’m moving to my new apartment. The packing is going very slow – or close to non-existant since I can’t seem to find the energy. I want to do it, but just can’t get started somehow. It’s what truly sucks with having exhaustion-depression or whatever the correct term is.

Today I took the first – and last! – bath in my bathtub. I figured I had to have used it at least once. It’s funny with bathtubs really. When you have one you never really get around to using it, but when you don’t have one you miss it! It was, however, really nice and relaxing.

There’s a few tv-series I watch, and I was very frustrated when two of them had episodes that ended with someone possibly dying. Meaning that I have to wait another week to find out what happens! Stupid cliffhangers…

Anyway, wish me luck with the move – I think the next time I write will be from my new apartment. That is, of course, assuming I can get internet to work there 🙂