I finished my second novella of the year! 2020 might be a shit year, but at least I seem to be back to writing somewhat consistently again, so that’s something.

Both of the finished novellas so far have been ones in the Spellbound series, so that seems to be what I’m focusing on now. That said, I still want to edit and finish my Regency romance novel as well. It’s just difficult to find the time for everything.

Now I have to decide which of all my ideas for Spellbound stories will be my next one. There are so many I want to write, it’s hard to pick!

In an effort to plan out what I want to do with the writing, I’m starting a new To-Do List to keep track. I realise this is mainly interesting for yours truly, but somehow publishing it makes me feel more accountable, so here we go!

  • Research Kindle self-publishing
  • Write the next Spellbound novella (probably Silk & Steel)
  • Edit Bowstrings & Velvet
  • Edit Shadows & Lace
  • Edit and publish on Wattpad (later Kindle) A Midsummer Night’s Kiss
  • Work out the details of a few more Spellbound ideas (find a story for Baudwin)
  • Write the sequel to A White Rose
  • Re-make covers into Kindle sizing (maybe change cover images?)
  • Research marketing of self-published books
  • Probably a lot more things I just haven’t thought of yet…

Well, that’s it for the To-Do List, though I suspect there are a lot more things to be added to it. And this is only for writing! I have a lot of things I’d like to do outside of writing too. Ugh, too much to do – too little time!