Or rather, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. I went to see that tonight with a friend of mine (her birthday present from me together with a dinner in an Italian restaurant… A pleasant evening on the whole…) and some of my fears were really there, but it still was better than expected.

My worry before seeing the movie was that it would ruin the experience of the first. Fortunately that didn’t happen. However, I found myself quite frustrated and annoyed at times, just watching Bridget muddle her way through some thoroughly embarrassing situations. She’s over-reacting a bit much, and several situations are just too over the top or trying too hard to be funny.

The fact that she was even for a moment considering going back to Cleaver bothered me a lot, but I suppose we all make misjudgments every now and then, so I can forgive her that one. Her friends weren’t as charming as in the first movie, in this one I found them mainly selfish and annoying, their suggestions horrible.

However, on the whole it’s a pretty sweet movie. And it’s got Colin Firth… After all, there’s not a movie with Colin Firth in it that’s not worth watching… My favourite scene in the entire movie was probably when Darcy was chasing Cleaver around to the music of The Darkness. I found that part hilarious!

Something about the movie I found difficult to believe though was that even though only 6 weeks had passed since the first movie, Bridget was already starting to fret about when or if Darcy would propose to her. Isn’t it a bit soon to be worrying about that so soon after you got together?

But then, I haven’t got much to judge from I suppose. Considering that after a 5 year relationship I don’t even live with my boyfriend. But even so, 6 weeks seems awfully short.

Anyway, the movie is worth watching. I probably wouldn’t even mind seeing it again some time, if only to see Darcy trying to drown Cleaver again…

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