I feel like this blog has shifted focus a bit lately, but I suppose that is because my life has sort of shifted focus since the Imp came into the world. It’s difficult to find the time to blog, but I still would like to, and I’m hoping that the Imp will eventually settle into a better bedtime routine that allows me some time in the evenings.

At the moment the Imp tends to go to bed for the night no earlier than 10 pm most nights. Which means that I have to make a choice between getting more sleep or having a couple of hours to myself. Admittedly I often choose the latter, which leaves me very tired the next morning (since the Imp often wakes up around 1 am, and then again any time between 4-6 am). By then I’m so tired after spending three hours trying to get the Imp to sleep that I just sort of crash on the couch with some Netflix.

The Imp just really seems to struggle to settle down in the evenings. She will be tired, I’ll put her to bed and she’ll have a feed, you can see that she’s about to drift off – she turns over on her tummy (current favourite sleeping position), then seems to remember that she knows how to get up on all four – and bad time is ruined. After that it’s impossible to get her to lie back down; she will flip herself around in the bed, get up on all fours, climb all over the place, stand up against anything she can… You name it.

Only way I’ve been able to get her to settle in the evenings is to put her in the sling and rock her to sleep. It’s not great, since it’s not really something I want her to get used to, but the alternative is hours of rummaging around in bed until she hits exhaustion and just screams/cries with tiredness. She’ll whinge a bit when first put in the sling too, it’s how she keeps herself awake sometimes. You’ll know when she’s tired when we’re out for a walk, cause she’ll suddenly start crying in an attempt to stay awake! Yup, that’s my imp.

Anyway, I shan’t bore you anymore with our sleep issues (and I didn’t even get into the multiple wake-ups every evening when she finally has gone to sleep!), it’s just nice to get to have a whinge about it now and then. I do see some improvements in all honesty, and I hope that they will continue to improve. It’s extra frustrating in a way because she actually used to sleep amazingly for maybe a month or two, then it suddenly stopped and we’ve not been able to get back to it.

One day we’ll get there.

The Imp’s first time in a swing the other day.

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