At the start of the month I made myself a To-Do List, and I wanted to check in now as the month is coming to an end to see how I’ve managed.

  • Research Kindle self-publishing ongoing
  • Write the next Spellbound novella (probably Silk & Steel) ongoing (Damask & Deception)
  • Edit Bowstrings & Velvet
  • Edit Shadows & Lace
  • Edit and publish on Wattpad (later Kindle) A Midsummer Night’s Kiss ongoing
  • Work out the details of a few more Spellbound ideas (find a story for Baudwin) ongoing (D&D is Baudwin’s story)
  • Write the sequel to A White Rose
  • Re-make covers into Kindle sizing (maybe change cover images?) Complete!
  • Research marketing of self-published books ongoing

I’ve just started putting the latest Spellbound novella on Wattpad, titled Damask & Deception. I also changed the colour scheme of the series to a black bar at the bottom, with a golden ampersand in the titles and golden author name. Bowstrings & Velvet also got a new cover image.

A lot of the To-Do list items will be on an ongoing basis. There’s a lot of research to figure out the best strategy for a Kindle release. I do need to get started on the editing of the novellas though, or I’ll never have anything to put on Kindle!

So much to do, so little time!

The new colour scheme, also showing the new novella and the new cover for Bowstrings.
Damask & Deception blurb.

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