Regency Romance – The Howertys

My Regency romance novels are a series of four books. I wrote the first two a long time ago – and I’m currently working on revising them to hopefully publish on Kindle. In the meanwhile, I’m publishing the chapters of the first book on Wattpad in parts – to hopefully get some helpful feedback.

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The Spellbound Saga

The great battle between good and evil is won and the world of Erya is slowly returning to normal. The Dark God remains banished in the Nether Realm, and his Avatar is now trapped, spellbound in a crystal hovering over the grand city of Messina.

Spellbound is a series of romance novellas and novelettes set in the fantasy world of Erya. They can all be read as stand-alone stories, but some recurring characters and themes can be found throughout. They are currently being published on Wattpad one chapter at a time.

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Bowstrings & Velvet

Shadows & Lace

Damask & Deception

A White Rose

Other Writing

Day of Farewell (flash fiction)

Silence (poetry)